THE WAY WE WERE – November 2016

100 years-thumbnailCulled by Judy Garrison from November 1916 issues of

The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago

Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street

With commentary by Jim Andrews


John McCune, of Livingston Manor, had auto troubles Monday. He started with a Maxwell car to bring Robert Hoag and wife to Shavertown and had only come a short distance when the axle broke. He got a Ford car and all went well until the party reached Shavertown. After letting Mr. Hoag out at the home of his brother, David C. Hoag, McCune thought he would run up and see his mother in Bussey Hollow, and when going up the hill something broke and the car came down the hill backwards and turning turtle landed in the brook. McCune rolled out, but how he does not know and escaped injury. The car was so badly damaged that he had to telephone to the Manor for another car to come and get the party. [Jim Andrews: John McCune was my great uncle, my maternal grandfather’s brother. My great grandmother, Margaret (Maggie) McCune lived at the top of Bussey Hollow. David Hoag would be related to Alice Jacobson.]


The Recorder received a telegram Wednesday night stating that Peter G. Gerry had been elected United States Senator from Rhode Island by a plurality of over 7,000. Mr. Gerry, who has a summer home at Lake Delaware, is a Representative in the present Congress.


Thursday night as the Recorder goes to press the result of Tuesday’s election for President remains in doubt and in some states the votes of the troops on the border [Ed.: with Mexico] may change the result. Both sides claim the ultimate victory. [Ed.: Woodrow Wilson was running against Charles Evans Hughes. The editor clearly favored Hughes, as he states in another entry: “In Delaware county the result was highly satisfactory. Hughes carried the county by 1,243.”]


Miss Ella Reynolds, daughter of William S. Reynolds of this village, has received an appointment as teacher in the New York City schools, and will teach in Brooklyn, where her sister, Miss Kate Reynolds, is already a teacher. [JA: Ella Reynolds Ochs grew up in Andes (in the house just below the former Cantina Building) and settled in Kingston but owned the former Anne Geiger’s antique shop building as her summer home. I vaguely remember Mrs. Ochs, who died in the late 1960s.]


Book lovers will have to pay from 10 to 25 cents more for current publications…The consensus of opinion…is that under the present serious conditions a further increase of from 10 to 20 percent maybe necessary [Ed.: Publishers were claiming that there had been an increase in the price of paper, leather, cloth and ink in the past 12 months.] They say their only hope is in the ending of the European war. It is claimed there is also a shortage of chemicals which must be obtained from Europe for the manufacture of their particular grade of paper.


The hunters who went to the Beaverkill secured two bears. One was shot by R. H. Hines and the other by Mr. Hines and William Robson.~