AGING DILEMMA – November 2016

Just Phyllisophy (150x67)By Phyllis Galowitz

What a beautiful day! It was 31 degrees when I slipped out from under my two blankets to face the day. Am I complaining? Yes. I feel the aging of my 85 year-old knees, hips and back and I know that I can no longer do the garden chores that used to be fun. It’s time to put the garden to sleep but I need help: someone young and energetic. But there seems to be a shortage of that group, at least in my neighborhood. They’ve all gone off to college…including my grandchildren. My children are too far away and can barely keep up with their own chores after working at their demanding jobs. So what’s to be done? Is it time for me to move to a small, maintenance-free apartment that I can manage by myself?

I lay awake nights, pondering the pros and cons of such a dilemma. I love Andes. I love the people. I love the life I’ve made for myself. I love to look out the window and see the birds, the chipmunks (devouring my container garden) and scampering squirrels. I love the colors of the changing seasons, the trees, fully clothed in spring and summer, naked and silhouetted against the sky in late fall and winter. I love the wildflowers as they take their turns along the roadsides. I love the sound of the water, bubbling over and around the rocks in the brook, the fallen