The Way We Were – October 2016

100 years-thumbnailCulled by Judy Garrison From October 1916 issues of 

The Andes Recorder 100 Years Ago

 Week In and About ANDES

with commentary by Jim Andrews


Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street


Young Bruce is taking a course in agricultural school in Delhi. [Jim Andrews: Rev. William P. Bruce (son of Rev. James Bruce—longtime pastor of the Andes Presbyterian Church) was a pastor in Yonkers.  He was killed when he ran across the street to retrieve his hat which had blown off, and was struck by a trolley car. “Young Bruce” would have been his son Gordon, brother to Bessie and Mary Linn, who lived in the Bruce home (now Buffy Calvert’s) for several decades.]


The last of the houses on what is known as “Cottage Row” will soon be no more. Charles E. Annett, of Bayonne, N. J., was here this week and gave the house to William C. Laing if he would remove it, and the work of tearing it down has commenced. This will remove what has long been a disgrace to the village. [JA: Cottage Row was a series of three small rental houses located approximately where Rima Walker’s house is now down to the brook across from the tennis courts. Cottage Row houses were run down. The homes that replaced Cottage Row were built around 1920.]


Shavertown people were awakened about 4:30 Saturday morning by the blowing up of the still at the Acid Factory, which shook the houses and rattled windows. Will Dickerson who is employed there, went to see how much alcohol there was in the still and ran a stick down in the alcohol to get the depth. As he brought it up it caught fire and the flames ran down into the alcohol causing the still to blow up. There were over 80 five-eighth bolts which tore the top off. A strange part of the accident was that Mr. Dickerson was not injured in the least.


In the Recorder of Sept. 15 [Ed.: We carried this item in our Sept. 2016 100 Years Ago, and this seems to be a retraction] there appeared an item regarding a party of Delhi ladies who had been in Andes in the interest of Suffrage. We are now assured that the three ladies were not in any town except Andes and that they received no discourteous treatment anywhere, and the names of the Delhi ladies would bear this out. We have no desire to injure anyone and make this statement for the purpose of doing justice to the three worthy ladies.


Last Thursday H. Mandlebaum’s chauffeur discovered a rattlesnake near the garage at Highmount and succeeded in killing it. The snake measured three feet and seven inches in length, five and one-half inches in circumference and had nine rattles. None of our oldest residents have ever seen a rattlesnake in this section before and how the snake could have reached Highmount is a mystery.


The next number of the Entertainment course will be given November 25 by Sumayeh Attiyeh on Turkish life and customs, and the lecturer will be in the costume of the country…We should make this venture so successful that the winters to come may not be without an Andes Entertainment Course.[Ed.: Sounds like a predecessor to today’s Andes Roundtable.] ~