Ethan and Lily – August 2016


Twenty-oh-seven, Summer,

The two together

Treat me to their sweetness


I meet them,

Oh what lovely weather.

I mean the atmosphere, sure,

But also the circumstance.


Oh lucky me, Lily and Ethan

Appear the same year.


Lily, placed on my lap, in need of a home.

It’s Joanne, dog savior, with Ethan in tow.


Lily “hrumphs” on my lap.

Ethan smiles.

Ethan smiles.

Lily “hrumphs”.  Safe and sound.

The two are bound to be bound.


A walk in the woods, a swim in a pond

Lily and I begin to bond.

Ethan looks on.


His smile as wide as the sea,

Through his grin, “Lily and you are meant to be”.

Fingers crossed that Tom will agree.


Joanne’s rescued hound,

Perhaps has found

A home.


A few days pass.


Steadfast ones:  Joanne, Ethan, Lily–

Tom agrees.  It must be that Lily remain with me.

So she does

And there is love.


Years pass, nine all told.

Now, eleven pounds of mini-Schnauzer—-wowza!

And Ethan a high school grad,

Soon to be collegian.


He, through the years, always a reason

To slow down in town and ask about–


They are bound

And we are touched!

Gino Zamparo