By Barbara Mellon

Where do I start? For the last six and a half years, I have been honored to occupy a position at the Andes Public Library that allowed me to touch and be touched by so many wonderful people. From the very first day that I used my own key to open the door, I felt welcomed and at home. Leaving the library and all of you who have made it a joy to go to work each day has been one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

I was overwhelmed by the sea of faces at the going-away party arranged by the Library Board. Your smiles, kind words and hugs meant so much to me, as did the thoughtful cards and gifts. How special to feel so loved and appreciated. Thank you all for that, and for everything you have shared with and given me during my tenure at the greatest little library I know … the challenges, respect, friendship, help, laughter, tears, patience,  and so much more. I will miss each and every one of you more than you can know.Picture1Picture2Picture3

The good news … I hear through the grapevine that a number of superb candidates are being interviewed for the library director position. Whoever is chosen will bring fresh new ideas to the job and in short order will put his or her own stamp on the place. Please be as welcoming to the new director as you were to me; and enjoy the exciting new chapter ahead. You all are what make the Andes Public Library so much more than a library; you make it a home!~