By Buffy Calvert

On Tuesday evening, June 14th, Rachel Andrews, the Andes Pool Director, requested approval from the Town Board for a training course for all her lifeguards before the pool opens on July 1st. Although all the lifeguards must be certified, this will be an intensive refresher drowning and rescue lesson emphasizing “What to do in an emergency.” Rachel pointed out that these skills are “use it or lose it” and since no emergencies have occurred, review is necessary to keep them sharp. Another aspect will be reminding everyone of the special duties of EMTs as opposed to the lifeguards. She is working with the Emergency Medical Squad Coordinator, Maggie Wilson, who requires approval from the Town Board.

She asked to use Town Hall and the pool the morning of the training from 10-12.  A reviewing area will be set up for the public to watch the crew in action in the pool.

The Board was enthusiastic and granted quick approval. Tom Joyce, Pool Coordinator for the Board, said he would be there. He thanked the Fire Department for draining the pool and reported that the repairs are done and the pool will soon be filled and open for the initial splash July 1st.

Tom Joyce also asked the Board to approve a raise for the staff of 50¢ an hour: to $10, $11, and $16 respectively. The raise was granted. They also approved reimbursing Rachel for her course as Lifeguard Instructor. She can put any new lifeguards who are not yet certified through their certification course, saving the Town and the guards money.

Supervisor Bud Gladstone announced that the late Rob Laing’s position on the Planning Board needed to be filled. His widow had considered taking it but decided not to. The only person who has expressed interest is Bill Palmer. The Board agreed to appoint Bill Palmer of Palmer Hill to the Planning Board to fill out Rob’s term.

Andes did not get the “Cluster Grant” for Main Street renovation. But there is a new chance to go for one in tandem with Bovina. The Board voted to apply for the New York Main Street grant for $200,000 for Andes businesses to renovate their properties.

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has purchased 32 acres on Lower Dingle Hill. The neighbors are concerned that hunting may be allowed there. The Board could comment. No action was taken at this meeting.

The Flood Commission will hold a Public Hearing on June 17th at 7 in the school. See a Gazette report on this meeting. (p.6)

Shayne Moshier reported that many homeowners are being solicited to allow large solar farms on their property. He reminded the Board that they had already provided that such enterprises should be taxed, but there is a window of 60 days to act. ~