LIBRARY NOTES — February 2016

By Barbara Mellon

It may surprise you to know that the Andes Public Library has over 13,000 books, DVDs, music CDs and audiobooks available for our patrons to borrow. Because we have limited space, in order to add new titles to our catalog it is necessary to periodically weed out items to be discarded. Minor skirmishes may erupt as staff and volunteers lobby for beloved titles and authors to be kept on the shelves, but sooner or later even favorites may need to be let go. Never fear, though! As part of our weeding process, we try to ensure that any book we get rid of is still available through the Four County Library System Interlibrary Loan program. And borrowing a book or DVD through the system is easier than ever. With your library card and PIN numbers you can search the holdings of dozens of libraries on the website and have your selections delivered right here to your local library. If you aren’t already familiar with the process, or would just like a bit of help, scroll down the main screen to a section that says Are you new to the Four County Library System?  Here is a handy tutorial to help you navigate our online catalog.” You will be walked through the necessary steps to find an item and have it available for pickup here at the Andes Public Library.

One warning about the Four County catalog: because Andes is not an “online library”,  a large portion of the items in our collection will not show up on Feel free to check with us if you are looking for a particular title; we can often get newer titles to you more quickly because fewer patrons are waiting for them. ~