JUST PHYLLISOPHY – February 2016

Just Phyllisophy (150x67)By Phyllis Galowitz

Finally, it seems that winter has come to Andes! Oh, we’ve had a cold day here and there, but only to remind us of what cold is like, and then it’s back to mild temperatures again. But I’m not complaining, who needs Miami Beach! Today, snow has been falling lightly all day (January 14th) and there’s a meringue on my picnic table of about 4 inches. Birds are happy to know where to come for their sunflower seed fix and they’ve told all their friends. Chickadees, nuthatches, house finches, juncos and blue jays are flying back and forth between their hideouts in the evergreens and the feeder where they meet and eat. It’s amazing to me to see how quickly the word gets out, “She’s filled the feeder!” A dozen birds converge, all at once, and the supply quickly goes down. I’ve tried to tell them that the price of sunflower seeds has gone up, just as all food prices have, and I’m being more frugal in how I’m eating and they should be too; or maybe not invite as many of their friends to the feeder as they used to. But they don’t seem to understand. I must admit it’s hugely entertaining for both Lili and me to watch them, so I continue to fill their feeder. If a blue jay comes along, he’s most intimidating. The birds all scatter, giving him a wide berth. He has the feeder to himself and takes full advantage. I wonder if the other birds resent him. They all seem to respect each other, regardless of species, sexual orientation or size. The juncos are the luckiest; being ground feeders, they patiently wait for the scattered seeds to fall, and sweep them up!

It’s getting dark. The feeder is practically empty. I’ll wait for morning to fill it. I’m not willing to feed all the nocturnal creatures who will empty it in one-fell-swoop! They have no manners.~