THE WAY WE WERE – January 2016

100 years-thumbnailCulled by Judy Garrison

 From January 1916 issues of The Andes Recorder

100 Years Ago 

Week In and About ANDES___________________________

Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street



The birth rate of the town is the highest ever recorded, the wet season evidently causing a prolific yield of babies as well as other crops.


Of the 55 births in the town of Andes last year 31 were boys and 24 were girls. Eight of the births were in February and August was second with six. Of the 12 births in Andes village all were boys except one.


Licenses for fishermen and identification buttons for hunters will be required if recommendations made to the legislature by the conservation commission are enacted into law. One license would cover hunting, trapping and fishing. Women and children under 16 years would be exempt from the fishing license.


Two Shavertown Boys Narrow Escape

While the ice harvest was in progress last week, two boys, a son of Fred VanKleeck and a son of Byron Huggins, fell into the river and had a narrow escape from drowning. Eddie Russell, who was light in weight, managed to get where he could hold the head of the VanKleeck boy above water until Mr. Bell secured a plank and rescued him. The Huggins boy succeeded in getting out without aid and neither were any the worse for their cold bath.


William H Liddle has sold his farm on the Biggar Hollow road (the Covert place) to a German. The sale also includes the personal property, and the price paid was $6,200. Mr. Liddle is trying to rent rooms in the village. There are places to sell but rooms to rent are scarce. [Ed.: We wonder if offering the description of the buyer as “a German” is something new the editor just adopted as Germany is fighting a war against our allies in Europe, and a bias against them is taking hold. While we have noted occasional references to “Italians” and “Hebrews” in these pages, this is the first one we have seen specifying “a German”.]