The Way We Were – December 2015

100 years-thumbnailCulled by Judy Garrison

 From December 1915 issues of

The Andes Recorder

100 Years Ago

Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled bythe Man on the Street


With commentary by Jim Andrews


Theodore Hammond was quite severely injured while in the woods at Shavertown cutting ties for George B. Fletcher. The tree that he was felling split and when it flew back he was hit on the shoulder and knocked down, receiving numerous injuries. The family moved here this fall from Franklin and Supt. of the Poor Foreman was here Tuesday and we understand that the family will be cared for at the County Farm.


A Poverty Social will be held at the home of Roland Worden on Palmer Hill Wednesday evening, December 8 for benefit of the M. E. S. S. [Jim Andrews: This acronym could possibly stand for the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School.] Wear your calico gowns and overalls or you will be heavily fined.


Many farmers will be compelled to build ice houses in order to comply with the order of the New York City Board of Health, that no milk will be allowed to enter the city unless cooled to 60 degrees or under.


Tuesday morning while Robert, the young son of Harry Frisbee, was driving to school, his horse being attached to a buckboard wagon, the harness broke in coming down a pitch at the McQueen place in Gladstone Hollow, and the horse ran to Andrew Gibb’s barn in the village, where it is usually put out. As  the horse turned from the street to go to the barn the wagon collided with the tree, but bounded off and the horse continued to the barn. The lad remained in the wagon and no damage was done. [JA: Andrew Gibbs owned the house where Dr. Chakar and Dale Tait now live. There is a carriage house out back. Many readers will remember Robert Frisbee, who along with his son, Roy, ran Frisbee Electric for many years.]


The Recorder is informed that the route of this proposed railroad is over the Delaware & Northern from East Branch to Andes and then to Delhi and up the river [Ed.: An earlier piece quoted  a plan made public by Governor David Welsh to construct a railroad from Schenectady, NY to Bloomsburg, PA, which would link the Boston & Maine with the coal fields of the west.] [JA: This was only a plan and never came to fruition. The rapid development of paved roads pretty much killed the idea.]


For the past week [in the Dec. 31 issue] a variety of weather has prevailed. Rain, snow, sleet and high winds have made travel difficult. The Andes-Delhi auto stage has had troubles of its own and Saturday was over two hours in making the trip from Delhi to Andes. Monday and Thursday the road was cleaned for the auto with a snow plow. Summer is the time for automobiling.~