The certified results show the winners as follows:


Supervisor:                Wayland Gladstone

Town Clerk:             Kimberly A. Tosi

Tax Collector:           Margaret D. Moshier

Supt. of Highways:           Michael McAdams

Member of Council:            Shayne A. Moshier

Thomas W. Hall


Three of the candidates and a current town councilman were in attendance at the Board of Elections on Thursday, November 13th as the 40 absentee ballots and 1 affidavit ballot were opened and tallied.

While the unofficial results on election night had shown the winners for town council to be Edward Callahan and Shayne Moshier (2 out of 4 candidates), the small changes in the totals after the new count changed the top 2, by the slimmest of margins, to be Thomas Hall and Shayne Moshier.

If you ever doubted the impact of your vote in Andes local elections, now you know better!

If you would like to see the actual numbers by election district, search for delaware county new york  + election night reporting or go to and click on election night reporting on the panel on the left.~