By Buffy Calvert

At the October Town Board meeting, Marty Donnelly announced a Public Hearing on Thursday, November 5th at 6:45 pm to override the cap on raising the budget beyond .7%, a new limit set by the state. (The formula now reads: “2% or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower.”) After addressing the override to allow a budget increase of 1.7%, a second hearing will seek approval of the proposed Town budget.

Note that the hearings and regular Board meeting will be held on Thursday, the 5th, since Tuesday, the 3rd, is Election Day.

The Board approved the sale of the old Town Hall building (now used by the Town Justice Court which will soon occupy new quarters next to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.) The sale will be to Allison Oil in “as is” condition for $41,000.

As a gesture of gratitude to the election inspectors, Councilman Dale Cole will deliver lunches prepared by the Andes Hotel to both poll sites.

Frank Winkler and Councilman Bud Gladstone reported that the Flood Commission has chosen the engineering firm Barton & Laguidice of Syracuse to guide the commission in surveying Andes terrain and developing measures to mitigate future flood damage. The Board approved the choice. It was pointed out that there will be no cost to Andes taxpayers.

Twenty-five Andes business owners met with the Town Board Economic Development Committee, chaired by Councilman Tom Joyce. They decided not to join the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce but to continue to meet informally to create ways to get out the word of the great things Andes has to offer using social media and to join in special promotions during the Christmas season.

As usual, Board members sought to save taxpayers by careful analysis of the various bids for fuel oil and gasoline deliveries. They declared Trick or Treating to be celebrated on Halloween between 4 and 7 pm. This writer is always amazed to find that our well-behaved Andes children and teens adhere strictly to the letter of the law. ~