By Maria Ditchek

The beautiful fall colors that we have experienced this year are stupendous – mixed in with the bright evergreen trees we see all shades of red, yellow, magenta.  Not only have you observed this yearly ritual from your own home, but many, on their daily trek to the Post Office, have witnessed this Autumn spectacular at Ballantine Park. If you have, you may have noticed the addition of a pavilion that has been in the works for many years and finally, with a DEC grant, we have been able to obtain.

The pavilion is a great addition to the park and will greatly expand park usage for our community.  We will now be able to hold concerts, events, and discussions in a covered environment – drizzle or shine.Pavillion

A dream held long ago by Rob Laing has come to fruition thanks to Marge Merzig and Marty Donnelly  who applied for the grant, and to all who contributed time and effort:  Suzanne Gladstone, Bud Gladstone, and so many others, too numerous to mention.

Our park is a place where one can walk and gather one’s thoughts, play chess, stroll along the stream or look at the stones of the old mill and wonder about days gone by.  We strive to keep this gem in immaculate condition.  Park maintenance is fully supported by community donations, and we need your financial support.  Whatever you can give helps us maintain this treasure.

Please help us keep the park as an example of community pride by sending donations to:

Friends of Ballantine Park

PO Box 205

Andes, NY 13731~