LIBRARY NOTES – November 2015

apl library-thumbnailBy Barbara Mellon

Our latest fundraiser, part of the Table of Contents series so graciously created by Mary Davis, was an extraordinary event! Debra Abbate really showed off her talents at a Hat and Glove Tea. (See related article by Phyllis Galowitz.)  Next up in early November is a Mexican Fiesta presented by Dorothy Lyman, another natural hostess. Sure to be a spectacular evening, tickets sold out quickly.  We at the library can’t thank these three wonderful, talented women enough for their efforts on our behalf.  All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the library, enabling us to continue offering our numerous services to the community.

Another thanks goes to our Library Board for the recent installation of air conditioning in the building. While it looks like we won’t have a chance to benefit from the system’s cooling capability until next summer, also included is a heating function that may help a lot when our propane furnace struggles to keep up with the frigid winter temperatures.  Surely this multi-purpose improvement will allow our patrons to use the library more comfortably, and the staff is a little thrilled, too!

What a wonderful visit we had with Mrs. Little and her Kindergarteners in early October! We always expect them to stop in during their Halloween parade for a story and some treats, but this month, while learning about community, they took a walk up from ACS just to see what kinds of things the library has to offer. Books were read, toys were played with, questions were asked and answered, corners were explored. And throughout we thrilled to the sounds of young people filling our space. What promise their exuberance for life foretells!~