The Way We Were – October 2015

Culled by Judy Garrison

 From October 1915 issues of The Andes Recorder  100 Years Ago 

Week In and About ANDES Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street

way-we-were-thumbnailWith commentary by Jim Andrews


Last year in New York state whooping cough caused more deaths than scarlet fever. The official report shows 722 deaths from whooping cough and 682 deaths from scarlet fever….


David Dickson was injured Wednesday at the Andes Junction by being run over by one of the D. &N. motor cars, weighing 700 pounds. He jumped from the car to run ahead and open the switch, when he slipped and fell and the car went over his legs. He was badly cut but no bones were broken. [Jim Andrews: I’m thinking that this was where the main line for the D. & N. split the main line, continued on into Shavertown and the split headed up the Tremperskill to Andes. This was located between Union Grove and Shavertown. The site is now under water.]


Marion M. Palmer, the well known lawyer, supervisor of the town of Delhi and chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Delaware county died …October 2, following an operation for appendicitis. He leaves a wife and daughter….Mr. Palmer was born…49 years ago, and was educated at Delaware Academy when Justice Chas. E. Hughes was one of the faculty. He entered Amherst college and graduated a year after governor Whitman from that institution. He studied law with Abram C. Crosby and after his graduation entered into partnership with Mr. Crosby, under the firm name of Crosby & Palmer. As a counsellor he was a judicious and safe advisor, and in the settlement of estates had no superior….


John H. Liddle has traded his house and lot on High street with A. B. Liddle for what is known to many as the Bramley farm in Biggar Hollow. He will continue to occupy the house on High street. [JA: My house was owned by Alden Liddle at that time, but my deed doesn’t mention any John H. Liddle—it went directly from Alden Liddle to James Mable, who owned it until his death in 1969.]


H.C. Cox, of Shavertown, has been granted a patent on an improved electric flash light. [JA: This might have been Clay Cox who owned and operated the sawmill in Shavertown.]


The general complaint is that the potato crop in this locality is a failure. A few report a good crop but in most cases the tubers are small. It is reported that Ex-Sheriff Wm. T. Austin who has the Ward Bryant farm near Union Grove raised over 1,000 bushels of potatoes this year.


The Republicans of Andes held an “old fashioned” caucus Saturday, over 250 votes being cast…Friday evening five Prohibitionists (four of them of Co-op Dairy force) named the following ticket, practically all of the nominees being Republicans or Democrats…


High Price of Eggs Brings Forth Rot

Eggs are 50 cents per dozen in the Andes market and some of them have chickens thrown in. One woman purchased some eggs supposed to be fresh and found chicken eyes developed in them…Selling spoiled eggs is a polite way of stealing.


Jennie Bennet, of Walton, indicted for adultery, plead guilty and sentence was suspended by the court durng good behaviour.


DeForest Bobcock of Walton, indicted for adultery, was arraigned and plead guilty. He was fined $50 which he paid.~