Just Phyllisophy (150x67)By Phyllis Galowitz

I love the changing seasons, look forward to Fall and think it’s the most beautiful time here in Andes, but suddenly a big storm comes through whipping the leaves from the trees and, all too quickly, the yellow, red and rust colors are gone. Well, not really gone, just fallen, and are now carpeting the lawns, driveways and roads. The wind blows the leaves to the floor of the woods where they lie through the Winter, covered with snow and pressed into last year’s soil, making beautiful mulch for next year’s garden.

Suddenly, an early snowfall comes and it’s exciting to watch as the white flakes cover the disappearing colors, but here and there, a warm day tentatively visits, giving us a chance to work in the garden. We have to work quickly, before the cold decides to stay. It’s time to plant bulbs for next Spring, get the garlic cloves in the ground and bring indoors the plants that can’t survive the cold temperatures.

Somehow, I never seem to get these fall chores done before it turns too cold to work outside. I forget to disconnect the hoses, cut down the perennials, trim the irises, transplant or trim overgrown bushes and on and on! But I’m allowed to forget. There’ll be time in the Spring and if not, so what, we’ll just enjoy whatever comes up! (That’s my new octogenarian attitude.) Life’s too short and there are so many things I want to do. It’s time to make delicious hot soups, instead of cool salads.~