The Way We Were – September 2015

Culled by Judy Garrison

 From September 1915 issues of

The Andes Recorder

100 Years Ago

 Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street


With commentary by Jim Andrews


way-we-were-thumbnailDavid Ballantine has sold the Shaffer house, adjoining the Central Hotel, which he recently purchased of A. B. Liddle, to Mrs. George Liddle. The consideration was $1,375. [Jim Andrews: This house was similar in appearance to the former Geiger shop house to the right side of the Tin Horn. The building was torn down to make way for Temmings’ Motel in the 1960s.]


About 2:30 Wednesday afternoon Ethan Allan Hackett, under arrest for stealing an auto at Walton fair, and H. P. Banks, charged with bigamy, escaped from Delhi Jail by sawing off two of the inch bars from a window which opens from a corridor on the ground floor and only a few feet from the jail kitchen door. The cutting was done with three kitchen knives, which had been hacked into the form of saws, one quite fine and the others coarser.


Harry Winne, a trainman on the D. & N., who last spring moved to Margaretville, has moved back to Andes and occupies rooms in John Connors “beehive”. [JA: To my knowledge, the John Connor building was three buildings adjoining each other on the site of the former Hogan’s—known as the Connor Block, which burned in the early 1920s. The building known as the Beehive was owned by W. C. (Square) Oliver and housed his feed business and mortuary—located across the street from the Catholic church. The building was much larger and the remaining two sections are now separately owned.]


Ozias S. Flint, a farmer residing on Honest Brook, Delhi, while returning from church Sunday driving a horse and buggy was run into by a motorcycle driven by a young man from Bloomville, by the name of Mathews and was seriously injured. He was thrown from the wagon and injured about the head—one rib was broken piecing his lung. His sister, who was riding in the carriage with him, escaped injury. [Ed.: Clashing vehicles representing clashing cultures and time periods?]


In a ball game Saturday at Pepacton between Andes and Pepacton the Andes team won by a score of 9 to 3.



Delaware county has had a gain of 472 in population since 1910, but is still under 1905 when it was 46,788. The present population is 45,995. [Ed.: Below is a sampling of the chart given. The county population as of 2010: 47,950. How little the numbers have changed!] 

Town Alien Citizen Total

Andes  44 2,040 2,084

Bovina 28 839 867

Delhi 60 2,728 2,788


Mrs. Kate Dickson has stored her household goods and left Wednesday for New York City, where she will spend the winter with her son. Tuesday afternoon fifteen of the ladies made her a surprise visit.


Daniel and William North have in their wagon house at Middlefield, Otsego county, a bundle of hay that their grandfather, Daniel North brought from Chatham over 80 years ago and the hay was some 20 years old when he bought it. An old farmer in those parts stated he never was out of hay so Daniel North pulled a bundle from the mow and brought it home with him and it has hung in this barn ever since. It is 100 years old. They also have in their possession a picture of the first circus that ever came to New York City. [Ed.: Just as long as the hay was viewed as a good luck keepsake and not fed to the animals!]


Ed.: Just as long as the hay was viewed as a good luck keepsake and not fed to the animals!]


Emory Armstrong is putting in the foundation on his lot adjoining the U.P. church, for a new house [JA: Emory’s house is the one currently owned by his grandson, Bob Armstrong. The foundation he put in was to accommodate a large addition that he made by turning the original house sideways and adding to its footprint and adding additional stories—turning it into the classic “foursquare” that it is today.]~