OUR PLACE” TO OPEN AT ST. JAMES – September, 2015

By Buffy Calvert

At the Town Board meeting on August 11th, Karen “Kit” Marshfield announced that in October her group (The Delaware County Legacy Corps operated by Delaware Support and Services in partnership with Office for the Aging, N.Y.) will open a new “Our House” program one day a week at St. James Church in Bovina on Route 28.

The center will be open from 10-4 providing a stimulating day for Seniors (60 and over) who need moderate to continuous care and supervision and a day of respite for their caregivers. The center will draw from Delhi, Bovina and Andes. Anyone interested in applying should contact Kit Marshfield at (607) 832-5750 or Stacy Osborn at (607) 435-0742. They will conduct a 3-hour interview to gauge “where the applicant is in life.”

Participants pay $30 per day, billed monthly. The cost may be covered by a third party, such as insurance. The group is limited to 20 persons. Currently, Ms. Marshfield runs a program at the Walton Presbyterian Church. Andes Supervisor Marty Donnelly, who has visited that program, affirmed that it was an “exceptional place…full of happy people.”~