JUST PHYLLISOPHY – September, 2015

Just Phyllisophy (150x67)By Phyllis Galowitz

.It’s a strange day with sunny, puffy, white clouds in a blue, blue, sky, and intermittent showers, which, of course, suddenly started as I hung my swimsuit and towel out to dry!

I’m sitting on the sun porch, Lili in the chair next to mine, both of us enjoying the view of the woods behind my house. It seems to be the season for yellows to bloom; yellow sunflowers, yellow goldenrod, yellow rudbeckia and yellow coreopsis.

The avocado tree, planted several years ago from the pit of a Hass avocado and grown as a houseplant is up to the ceiling and its branches spread from wall to wall, but will never in this climate give me avocados, just as the coffee plant, which does make beautiful coffee beans, will never make enough beans for even one cup of coffee!Picture1

Last Saturday was Andes Community Day. I spent the day on porches: the library porch, selling a huge collection of used books and greeting other booklovers who seem to follow book sales as I do; Woody’s porch, where I got to see all the familiar people and say “Hello;” the Andes Hotel Back Porch, where I listened to the Blues Maneuver and greeted some of my favorite musicians; then back to the library’s porch, in front of which was Peter Lederman, fiddling on his violin with his accompanying group playing assorted, interesting instruments. It all made for a fun time. Sadly, I didn’t get to see all the other things that were going on, in Ballantine Park, at the school, and up and down the street, but I know, and have heard from others, that a good time was had by all.

Mr. and Mrs. Robin are flitting back and forth between the spruce tree, where their nest must be hiding, and the birch, next to it. They cause quite a ruckus when I walk by. Do they think I would want to disturb their babies? I can’t even see them in the dense branches of the spruce.

The summer is flying by all too quickly. There’s so much to do, and never enough time!~