Picture7For the past 18 years voters of the Town of Andes have continuously voted in Marty Donnelly as their Town Supervisor. For the first election since 1997 Marty Donnelly’s name will not be on the ballot due to his decision to retire. Bud Gladstone (D) and Ritchie Gabriel (R) are campaigning for the seat of Andes Town Supervisor.

Once again a “Meet the Candidates” event will be held at the Andes Hotel on Sunday October 18th at 3 pm. The public is invited to attend.

The two candidates running for Andes Town Supervisor have been invited to participate. Also invited to participate are the candidates running for two seats on the Andes Town Council: Edward Callahan (R), Tom Hall (D), Shayne Moshier (R), and Bruce Soules (D).

“Meet the Candidates” will be an open format but not a formal debate. Candidates will be given five minutes each to discuss their positions and ideas. Written questions from the audience will be presented to the candidates by moderator Jack McShane.

Tax Collector Margaret Moshier, Superintendent of Highways Mike McAdams, and Town Clerk Kim Tosi are running unopposed and have been invited to attend but will not participate.

This event proved to be a valuable means to inform voters for the last town election. Once again it is being sponsored by Andes Works! and the Andes Hotel. All are invited! The regular food and drink service of the Andes Hotel will be available. ~