Just Phyllisophy (150x67)By Phyllis Galowitz

It’s a beautiful day. Life is smiling. My computer is working. The printer is working. There’s no flooding. Thanks to good friends and neighbors (and readers of The Gazette like Edie Mesick*) my panic attacks have all disappeared!

The presentation of July 15th at the Andes Roundtable, given to a packed audience of people I never would have suspected to be raven enthusiasts, was fascinating. I now have more respect for the raven, who cleans up the roads and woods after our poor animals are lying dead from attacks by other animals, being hit by cars and other tragedies and I have learned how very clever these birds are.

I recently saw a film from Netflix, originally from the Nature show on PBS, called Pale Male, about a Red Tailed Hawk, who made his home on the ledge above the window of Woody Allen’s apartment which faces Central Park in New York City. How lucky for this bird, to be living in this prime location and how fortunate the people who spotted him were, to be able to watch him settle down, mate, build a nest and, eventually have 3 chicks. Each day, at dawn, the ever-enlarging crowd grew. The people grew fond of the birds as they followed the nesting and fledgling and, finally, the start of a new cycle. It was a heart-warming film that anyone would love.

The Honest Brook Music Festival got off to a wonderful start on July 11th, with a piano and violin concert of both modern and best-loved classical masterpieces. Not only is listening to the music a delight, the views from the window openings of the beautifully preserved dairy barn where the concerts are held, are magnificent. During intermission, it’s a special treat to be able to wander in the gardens of Michael Cannon and Christopher Desler, whose property it is and who bring us these fabulous concerts. The second concert, on July 18th, featured Michael Cannon, a piano virtuoso.

On July 19th, Friends of Music, another concert series that I enjoy had a Jazz Performance in Stamford. It’s hard to choose which of the events to attend when there are so many, all crowded into our short summer season.

On July 31st and August 1st, the West Kortright Centre presented their version of Shakespeare’s, Henry the Eighth, performed by children 12 to 19 years old. It’s part of their summer theater program. My grandchildren have participated in this program since each was old enough to join their Introduction to Theater, which starts with children of 5 years old. This is my youngest grandson’s final year of performing with the group, where he has made many lasting friends from all over. It also has become our family’s gathering place each year, for the Shakespeare production.

People ask me how I get through the long, cold winters in Andes. I have no trouble staying indoors when it’s too cold or snowy to go out. I enjoy the scene from the comfort of my warm house and look forward to doing things I don’t have time to do in summer!~

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