By Buffy Calvert

Sometimes people ask, “Why does a public library need funds?”

The building itself was a gift from the Bohlmann family in 1918. From the first, Andes decided to create a library open to all residents. For 93 years Andes has used the Bohlmann Homestead as a public library and paid for its maintenance and staff. We are also grateful to our Town Board this year for lifting and reinforcing the sinking foundation on the north-east corner and for their commitment to complete the task.

We are beautifully housed in our building, recently restored and renovated with grants and donations from local supporters, but every year we Trustees are responsible to raise funds for the enticing new books and DVDs on our shelves. We must pay for membership in the wonderful Four County Library System which expands our reach to the contents of some 40 libraries.  We come up with the fee for the big canvas bag of audio books they send quarterly, plus the license to show great films on Movie Night and the cost of access to the online Research Center. Then there are little items like telephone, fax, copier supplies and the Internet. Last year, we needed new shelves for our ever- expanding and popular DVD collection and a new public access computer. The children’s collection is tumbling off its shelves. We need to get some new ones! And we are thinking how to cool the upstairs on those sizzling summer days. Your generous gifts make it all possible. Of course, you can also remember the library in your will as a number of generous community members have done.~