By Buffy Calvert

On March 21st, a sold-out crowd followed the twinkling lights into Mary Davis’ house on the Triangle for the Taste of Two Buffets, a second chapter in the Table of Contents library benefit series. They discovered an array of home-cooked hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, replenished and augmented with heartier fare by Judy Garrison and Michael Mercurio, bringing platter after platter from the kitchen. Wines and sparkling iced drinks flowed. Conversations likewise.

We tried to remember that “Taste of Two Buffets” promised a dessert table to follow but couldn’t resist one more succulent shrimp or pastry-wrapped delight. Still, when the desserts arrived, (in my case, served on a heaping platter by the hostess herself to a contented group in the music room) we sampled chocolate mousse in demitasse cups, lemon tarts, red velvet cupcakes and cookies galore.  And we all were gifted with a Tale of Two Cities paperback as we trudged back out into the cold. Altogether a delightful evening!

The next chapter in the Table of Contents is an Ice Cream and cookies extravaganza in Ballantine Park on Sunday, May 24th.~FullSizeRender