By Marena Vittorio

We have a special opportunity to have a singing school in Andes from April 27th through May 1st at the Presbyterian Church of Andes.

Singing Schools are rooted in an early American music tradition that used shaped notes to revitalize music literacy. Sacred Harp shape note singing is not a performance art, but a community activity. The music is sung with no instruments or accompaniment. It is loud! You sing in a full chest voice, beating out the time and accenting the notes. It is a rich, unique sound like nothing you’ve ever heard. It is said that if you can hear your neighbor singing, you’re not singing loud enough! It’s a great way to relieve tension from the day and socialize with community members.

The singing school will be led by ethnomusicologist Ben Bath, a graduate from Bard College. He has a true gift at teaching with passion and energy, historical insight, and sensitivity for each participant.

The singing school will be held Monday through Friday from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.  On Saturday, there will be a dish to pass dinner, graduation, and community singing at 5 pm. The cost for the week is $20. Each participant will receive a FREE copy of The Sacred Harp tunebook.

People who have no musical background are encouraged to attend. If you like to sing (even if it’s just in the shower) and have an interest in music, you don’t want to miss this week!~