LIBRARY NOTES – April 2015

By Barbara Mellon

As winter peters out and spring makes only the tiniest of strides to arrive, activity around Andes tends to be at a low point. Although it calms down at the library, too, we still have quite a few folks in and out looking for books and movies, using the computers and Wi-Fi, attending meetings and programs, and stopping for a bit to share a cup of tea and news of the community.

As part of our series of talks on antiques and collections, Andes resident Joe Sicinski gave a wonderful introduction to Chinese export blue and white Canton ware. He brought with him a number of stunning pieces from his collection, which attendees were able to examine as he explained the intriguing history of this centuries-old style of porcelain. I am so thankful to him for sharing his passion with us, and to Debra Abbate for arranging the evening. Our program committee is on the lookout for other presenters for this series, so contact the staff at the library if you have a collection or topic you’d be willing to speak about.

For Movie Night, we showed the film “The Theory of Everything” about the life of Stephen Hawking. In the true spirit of community, some of those who came for the movie brought snacks to share while others stuck around afterwards to help with the clean-up. No matter what film we show, I am always left feeling uplifted by the willingness of our patrons to pitch in and help. The next Movie Night will be on Thursday, April 9th.

On Saturday, March 21st, Mary Davis hosted a wonderful fundraiser at her home on the triangle.