By Joe Damone

Photographing indoor sports like basketball is one of the most challenging and gratifying forms of photography. The first challenge is that the players are moving fast so the camera must be set to a fast shutter speed, usually 1/400 sec so the pictures are not blurry. Most cameras have a sports setting, or you can set the camera to shutter priority and dial in the shutter speed to 1/400th of a second or more, and the camera will pick the rest of the settings. (See image #1)#1

The next challenge is that there is not much light in most high school gyms so your camera must be set to a high ISO or the images may be too dark, and the lights in the gym usually have a yellow or green tint to them. A simple solution to the color problem is to set your camera to auto white balance, or learn how to use photo-editing software like Photoshop elements or iPhoto, and adjust the color after the shoot. Or you can convert the image to black and white. (See image #2)#2

The next point to keep in mind is that in most shots you will want to show the ball, as it helps tell the story, and try not to cut off any feet or hands of the main subject of your image. If you must cut off hands or feet try to not cut them at the joints. (See image #3)#3

Getting close enough to the action can also be a challenge, so a telephoto lens of at least 200 mm is handy. As a change of pace, an image of the coach directing the team is always a nice touch, to round off the action shots. (See image #4) ~#4



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