Just Phyllisophy (150x67) Snow! Snow! Snow! Will it ever stop? There’s no more room to put it. The piles on either side of the driveway, after plowing, are ten feet high.
What fun my children had, so many years ago, when they’d find just such an opportunity to dig out a cave, big enough for two or even three children to sit in and play for hours, warm and cozy in their igloo. Years before that, I remember doing the same. My friend, Elaine and I, about 8 years old, sat in our igloo day after day, until that late snow in April, melting slowly, took our secret room away.
Do all children look for places to hide out with a special friend to talk to and dream of a fantasy world? When Ian, my youngest grandson, now turned 18, and I can’t believe, going off to college in the fall, was little, his favorite place to hide and play in, at my house, was an out-of-the-way closet, built into the wall, where we stored luggage and extra bedding for overnight guests. It was about four feet off the floor and was quite a challenge to climb into and find the space inside to fit himself. He would squeal with delight when I’d pretend to be looking all over the house and finally, open that closet door and, as if I didn’t know where he was hiding, find him!
Lili, my cat “hides” too. If an unfamiliar person comes to visit, off she goes to find her special place, under the quilt on my bed, or her other favorite spot, the ledge of the bathtub, between the two shower curtains. There she stays until the “threat” is gone! She also loves to escape to places that are not ordinarily available, such as when I open the door to the basement steps. Oh, what joy to fly down those steps and then decide where to hide. It’s dark, and when I call her she remains still, her chartreuse eyes showing. She stares up at me, only acknowledging that I’m there when I say, “Lili, would you like a treat?” She scampers up the stairs to investigate her bowl.
I suppose I also like to hide. When the snow makes it dangerous to drive, and I don’t absolutely have to go out, I’m more than happy to have the excuse to hibernate.~