The Andes Rural Cemetery, up Cemetery Road from High Street, was incorporated right around the turn of the century (1900) in an effort to create a cemetery that was well taken care of, since the Andes Cemetery, across from Ballantine Park, had, at that time, fallen into a serious state of disrepair, with much of the land overgrown with briars and high grass. Graves older than 1900 in the Rural Cemetery were re-interments, since concerned citizens had their loved ones dug up and removed to the new cemetery. Shortly after this, Dr. Jay D. Frisbee became president of the Andes Cemetery and began the decades-long task of bringing the cemetery back to its once beautiful state.~

The Andes Cemetery Information

Board members:

Jim Andrews, president

Harvey Morse, vice president

Sharon Drew, secretary/treasurer

Jay Tweedie, board member

Walter Gladstone, board member

Doug Woodin, board member and superintendent

Grounds staff: Doug Woodin, Darwin Finkle and John Andrews

General information on burials, plot sales and prices: contact Sharon Drew at 676-3216