By Buffy Calvert

At a sparsely attended meeting called by Martin Donnelly, Town of Andes Supervisor, on January 15th at 7 pm in the Town Hall, Margery Merzig, the water/sewer coordinator, explained the impact of a DEP (NYC Department of Environmental Protection) requirement that every building that doesn’t have a residence have a water meter.

The exemption for residences (any building that has even 1 apartment, e.g. the Hotel and Woody’s but not Two Old Tarts) stems from the Memorandum of Agreement entered into between NYC and the Village of Andes 10 years ago, wherein NYC agreed to subsidize all residential buildings for 30 years.

Thus, the new water meter requirement will only apply to strictly non-residential buildings including churches, the library, ASHC, etc. (The Fire Hall, which has its own well, will be exempt.) Such building owners will be charged according to water used over the minimum charge of $170 per annum. It could result in savings or higher charges.

DEP will pick up 94% of the cost of meters and installation. The balance is estimated to be about $1,200 and is included in this year’s Town sewer budget.

Ms. Merzig suggested the purchase of electronic meters which can be read remotely and provide an hourly monitor. She touted the advantage that the system could then alert a customer by email to a spike in water use indicating a leak. (Or an influx of visitors?) ~

Further questions can be addressed to Margery Merzig, phone: (607) 432-6056, email: