By Phyllis Galowitz

This year has flown by so quickly. It seems that as I gJust Phyllisophy (150x67)et older, time goes by at double the speed of what it was 10 years ago and maybe 5 times faster than when I was a child, when it took forever for a special day to come. Yesterday, driving to Margaretville, on Route 28, I could hardly keep my eyes on the road; the landscape was so amazing. The mountains were completely white, with the peaks disappearing into the white sky. It was ghostly. Further down the mountainside, here and there, the outlines of evergreens emerged, and on the road, the trees, covered with snow, were outlined in black, sitting on a white carpet. I hadn’t been out for the three days before, not willing to chance the icy roads, and I enjoyed that drive so much. Later, I drove to the library and again, could hardly breathe; the view going over Palmer Hill was so spectacular! I’m sorry for those who feel compelled to spend winters in warmer climates. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Yes, I did hibernate for three days but I enjoyed the good excuse to stay in, to listen to my favorite music, to observe the wonders of my cat Lili, and watch the birds at the feeders with her, while the snowflakes were falling and the ever-changing view of the woods behind my house thrilled me beyond words!

Tomorrow, the weatherman tells me it will be warmer and sunny. I can take a walk. The snow will melt, leaving patches in the shady spots. The view along Route 28 will have changed. I can predict that the melting snow will be bubbling along, over rocks and fallen trees in Bryants Brook, keeping time with my steps. The sky will be blue with puffy, white clouds. The trees will show their true colors.

Oh, how I love Andes!