SENIORS ON THE GO December 2014

By Joi Brundege

Thursday, November 20th was our Thanksgiving Day dinner. Bill prepared a wonderful turkey and gravy. Each dish-to-pass was good and much appreciated. The desserts were wonderful!

Maria reported on the Delaware County Senior Council. There are plans to help pay for water exercise in the spring at Delhi College, Catskill Recreation Center and Stamford. Check the Dispatch for details.

The December meeting is December 18th at noon at the Fire Hall. Please bring non-perishable foods for the Andes Community Food Bank. We will also play the game Yankee Swap. Those participating should bring a wrapped present valued at about $5. It is a fun game; when it is your turn you can “steal” a gift from someone else or open a new gift. The person you stole from then gets another turn.  Unique and funny items move a lot! Come join us!~