The Way We Were – August 2014

way-we-were-thumbnailCulled by Judy Garrison From August 1914 issues of  The Andes Recorder – 100 Years Ago

Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street


Gent of the Road Visited Home of Robert Parish

Last Friday a tramp visited the home of Robert Parish on the Tremperskill, three miles from Shavertown, and asked for money. The hired girl, who answered his knock, told him that they had no money and the man of the road started on. The woman went back to the room where Mr. Parish’s mother and his two children were and resumed her sewing. A few minutes later they heard a noise in the dining-room and on investigating to ascertain the cause found his trampship ransacking the place. The tramp started to make a rapid exit and in his flight broke furniture and running against the China closet smashed several dishes. The women were alone at the time.


Five Great Nations Engage in Active Warefare [sic] – Germany the Aggressor

Five great powers of Europe, Austria, Hungaria, Russia, France, England and Germany are now engaged in actual warefare [sic]. Germany whose Emperor is called the war lord of Europe, has been the aggressor. The ultimate causes of the war are racial differences, historic grievances and national jealousies. The proximate cause was the killing a few weeks ago of the heir apparent to the Austria-Hungarian throne, and his wife.

The German army has invaded Belgium and France. The French have captured or sunk three German cruisers. Wednesday in Belgium the German army was nearly destroyed by Belgian and French troops and the commander of the German army was mortally wounded.

Dispatches Thursday state that Italy has decided war against Austria. This makes all Europe against Germany and Austria.

A naval battle is reported and 22 bodies of English sailors have been washed ashore. [Ed.: I hope we may be excused for including international news at the first glimmer of the Great War—later called World War I.]


Midnight Maruders [sic]

Tuesday night a party, said to number about a dozen, entered the residence of Mrs. Maria McQueen in Gladstone Hollow, during her absence, and made merry by having a chicken roast. In order to make the chicken taste better, report says that a wetner [sic] was used to wash it down.

According to the count made Saturday by Patrolman Bouton 151 automobiles and 262 horse drawn vehicles passed over the road on the Andes end.

Wednesday at the re-union of the 144th Regiment at Margaretville 115 veterans were present, 76 of this number being members of the regiment.  Twenty members of Co. E, and the Andes and Bovina company were present.~