LIBRARY NOTES – August 2014

library-thumbnailBy Barbara Mellon

Our little library has been very busy this summer. Titles from the “New Books” shelves have been flying out the door, and we were lucky enough to receive quite a few DVD donations to enhance our collection. The library’s Garden Tour was very well attended; gardeners and attendees were all delighted despite a little punch from Mother Nature that rendered some of the roads nearly impassable. Poets gathered in the Community Room for a class given by Writers in the Mountains and our Gazebo was home to the Stitch Witches on some glorious afternoons. For our movie goers, we were pleased to be able to show “The Monuments Men”, a film about a special Army unit in World War II tasked with finding works of art stolen by the Nazis.

Activities will continue each Thursday in August. The LitWits will gather on the 7th at 5 pm to discuss Me Before You, a book by Jojo Moyes and Movie Night is scheduled for the 14th at 7 pm. The film to be shown is still undecided, but thus far Frozen is the front runner. On the 21st, our always exciting Italian Circle will meet to enjoy yet another facet of the culture. If you haven’t yet been to one, you should check it out. There is no requirement to be Italian, speak Italian or any other such thing. All you need is a desire to see what the buzz is about. Finally, we have a special treat planned for the evening of August 28th. At 7 pm, Robert Abbate will give a presentation on Depression Glass, a particular passion of his. Some of his favorite pieces will be on display. I’m looking forward to learning more about the subject as I, undoubtedly like many others, have a few pieces that have been passed down in my family; lovely, delicate glasses that may well have started out inside a box of detergent. Come listen and learn!~