By Buffy Calvert

photo 1Saturday May 10th, and it is suddenly summer in Andes. Attracted by a bright sign, Welcome! Indoor Farmers Market, open 10-3, people pour from the sunny street into the cool interior of the former CitiHope building on Main Street.  A cheerful table of coffee, lemonade and cake-by-the-slice greets all comers.  The rather cavernous space holds a friendly semi-circle of booths capped by a pen of frisky kids prancing around and atop a hay bale.

Going counterclockwise around the arc, you come first to a table manned by co-host Andy Wos, offering a basket of sour dough or multigrain loaves of bread by Bread Fellows, a variety of Jonah Shaw’s packs of homemade sausage and Crazy Lazy Acres Gelato. Next door, Cindy Wright of Dirty Girl Farm displays goat cheese, milk and buttermilk to sample and buy.

David Burris’ Argyle Farm booth tempts all comers with frozen lamb and beef, jars of raw honey, piles of light, warm sheep’s wool blankets, throws and plush lambskins. Just beyond a row of bright flowers, the table of Andrea Elliott’s Chrystal Brook Farm is laden with fresh eggs, and coolers of beef and veal cuts, with chicken available on order. She will have produce in season.photo 5

Pass the baby goats that will nibble your fingers if allowed, and find Dan Finn and his charming son and daughter at the Bovina Valley Farm stand. They will slice samples of excellent Alderney Cheese, mild or pungent to your taste. Buy a wedge. Add a pint, quart or gallon of Moonshine Maple syrup. On the home stretch, at Bonnie’s Bountiful Kitchen’s table, Bonnie Francisco specializes in gluten-free breads and pastries.  And in the corner, Chef Deanna D’Angelo wields a frying pan to grill slices of Jonah’s Beer Bratwurst offered on toothpicks surrounded by other examples of her savory cooking and baking. She is a private chef and caterer.

Co-host Cheryl Terrace, will make sure you are finding everything you need, including a seat at the picnic table to enjoy your cake and coffee. Best of all, you’ll keep running into friends and neighbors. Anita Lanziero put it perfectly, “It’s a whole new place! A place to meet and greet, to stop and shop.”  ~