By Buffy Calvert

At the Public Hearing before the Town Board meeting on March 11, one citizen asked whether the proposed law to indemnify town employees for representation and damages in suits arising from acts or omissions in the course of their duties wouldn’t open the taxpayers to the risk of unforeseeable costs. She was assured that the Town’s insurance policy, already in the budget, covered them. The new law was approved.

During the regular meeting, Jillienne LaFever, of Bovina, presented possible health insurance plans available from her company, Excellus Insurance, to Supervisor Marty Donnelly and the Councilmen present: Tom Hall, Dale Cole, Tom Joyce and Wayland (Bud) Gladstone. It was suggested that she make a presentation of the various options directly to the union and non-union employees at the Highway Department.

Bud Gladstone read the Highway Department report. At its conclusion, voices from both the floor and the board were raised in praise of the outstanding work by Mike McAdams and his tireless crew for salting, sanding and plowing our roads throughout the snowiest, iciest deep-freeze of a winter most of us could remember.

Every member of the Board scrutinized some 30 bids for highway supplies and voted contracts for gravel, crusher rock, cobbles and sand with careful attention to prices, including the cost of shipping.

Jason Mondore, Dog Control Officer, reported that he was pursuing complaints of dog poop routinely left on the sidewalk in front of St. Anne’s church. He has knocked on neighbors’ doors and conducted surveillance, narrowing the search for the offending dog owner. He raised his concern that a large number of Andes dogs are unlicensed. When he encounters them, he gives the owners a week to comply, which they do. The Board decided to post notices at local gathering places alerting the public to get a dog tag now at the Town Clerk’s Office. Fines for unlicensed dogs are $50 for a first, $75 for a second offence.

Councilman Tom Joyce is working with ACS Superintendent Chakar to recruit more lifeguards for the Andes Pool this summer. Dr. Chakar sent out a memo to high school students announcing a 10-

week training/certification course at SUNY Delhi. It sparked some interest but the $270 cost seems prohibitive. The Board agreed to use some of the $1,200 earned by the use of the pool last year by outside groups to reimburse students who take the course and are hired as lifeguards. Councilman Dale Cole offered to speak to the athletic director at South Kortright to interest students there.

The Board approved the use of Ballantine Park by David Capps for a dance program next summer. They appointed Alex Adelson, Bill Feldman and Bud Gladstone to represent Andes on the committee for the Scenic Byway (Route 28 from Olive to Andes). Jesse Tosi was voted to serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals, and John Hopkins to replace Jay Tweedie, who has resigned, on the Board of Assessment.

Finally, Marty Donnelly announced the donation of a bike rack to the Town. The Board voted to accept the gift and place it at the Andes Public Library. ~