Angels in Andes! Yes, I have had a visitation of angels. Last Sunday as I walked to church in a fresh flurry of snow, I slipped on a patch of ice and plopped down on my bottom. I skidded along to a No Parking sign to grasp the pole to pull myself up, but couldn’t get traction on the plow debris. A car went by. As the next car rounded the corner of Delaware Avenue I raised my arm and waved. They stopped!

A slim young man grabbed my hands and stood me up. His companion asked if I were in pain.

“Not a bit. I’m just going down here to church.”

“Can we drive you?”

“No thanks. You’ve done your good deed for the day!”

We exchanged names and addresses. Thank you, Mark and Anna of Hillside Road! Angels in distress.

Buffy Calvert