LIBRARY NOTES – April 2014

By Barbara Mellon

apl library-thumbnailA standing room only crowd showed up last month for our presentation of the creepy cannibal movie “We Are What We Are.” With every chair taken, a hearty group of teenagers sat on the floor to enjoy the show with their friends. A big “Thank You” goes out to Deb and Bobby Abbate who showed up early to help me set up and stayed late to put all the chairs away and vacuum up errant bits of popcorn scattered throughout the library. Yes, Don Hogan showed up to accept his accolades, though I didn’t see him actually sign any autographs. For our next Movie Night, on April 10th at 7 pm, we’ll be showing “Gravity” featuring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. They may not be as good as Hogan, but they are surely better paid.

Have a movie you’d like to view with a crowd? Got an idea for a special teen night showing? Give us a call and we’ll set something up. The movies we can show here in the library are dictated by a special licensing program, but the list of available titles is quite extensive.

With the very sad passing of long-time library supporter Eleanor Drew, a large portion of her nurse doll collection was donated to us. How lovely they look in the display cabinet which was given in memory of Eleanor’s husband Richard years ago. Stop in to enjoy the beautiful and whimsical items, from a Raggedy Ann nurse to uniformed stuffed bears. What a delight!

While we appreciate that many people find it difficult to throw out old books, we must stress that the front porch of the library is not a dumping ground for items that should have been discarded. Before leaving any books outside, please check with the library staff so that we can determine if any could be added to our collection or put out for sale. Lately we have found loads of dirty, unusable books being piled outside; it costs the library dearly in time and money to dispose of these items. ~