A LOOK AHEAD – April 2014

By Maria Ditchek

So, here we are – March 9th and we have advanced our clocks to Daylight Savings Time.  What joy.  While we think of upcoming spring, we, here in the Catskills, may have a way to go – the Catskills are so unpredictable.

I’m writing from my kitchen, looking out through my atrium door, and while there is still over a foot of snow on my deck, I can envision spring on its way.  My two willow trees have a golden haze on them, surely a promise of things to come. The pond, still shrouded in snow, is saying “Enough already, time to shed this white and get on to the clear blue sheen of Spring’s glistening rays.”

We all want our Spring. It’s been a very harsh winter, but don’t fret – this is the way of life; we can’t predict – we can only look forward to the future.  And Spring will come, crocuses will blossom, the earth will warm, the dandelions, which are a curse to anyone with a garden, will sprout their golden yellow heads, the birds will visit us and have their clutches,  and in time we will plant our vegetables.

Perhaps I’m being optimistic. After all, we can’t plant until Memorial Day, but I am so looking forward to warm days, cool nights and all that comes with living in Paradise. ~