WE GOT THE GRANT! – March 2014

We got the grant!


The Gazette recently applied for and was awarded a matching grant from the O’Connor Foundation through the ASHC. The project encompasses the acquisition of the necessary multiple software programs for a newly donated computer. The grant, if matching money is acquired, will also enable us to finance an upgrade of our existing website and for a layout person to archive articles using the groundwork template formulated by a volunteer who has laid out and indexed many back issues.


The matching grant of $1,000 means that the foundation will release funds to us when we have taken in new money. We cannot begin the acquisition of software, and therefore the project, until we have received enough donation money to get started.


And so, we hereby entreat our dear readers and all members of the Andes Community, past and present, to consider a donation, so that we may commemorate and extol the people of Andes, their activities and accomplishments, from the recent past, the present, and into the future.


Send your check of any size to the Andes Gazette, P.O. Box 223, Andes, NY 13731 with an indication that it is a donation. Thank you all in advance!