acs-schoolFrom Katherine Whittaker, ACS Advisor: The Senior Project Presentation is a culmination of the students’ Senior Project and is based on all of the work they have done over the semester. The student has completed their research (the paper) and their product, and is now presenting everything they have done to a board of judges for a final evaluation. This Presentation sums up the total amount of work and effort they have put into their Senior Project, what they have gotten out of it, and whether or not it has been a learning stretch for them (if they have learned something new about their subject and themselves).

From Judy Garrison, a community judge: It was a treat to be privy to the senior project presentations on January 29th and 30th. Our group of judges had the opportunity to get to know each student as they stood in front of the room alongside a display board and, in some cases, objects to demonstrate with. They spoke about their chosen subjects, including their personal perspective of working on and completing a challenging project. Their enthusiasm for their new or newly expanded knowledge was catching as these “experts” shared their process, the information gleaned for their paper and their product. The judges found all of the topics interesting, and we learned a lot. I imagine also that the students’ outlooks were expanded by our provocative questions and comments based on our own knowledge and life experience.~

ACS 2014