The Way We Were – October 2013

100 years-thumbnailCulled by Judy Garrison  From October 1913 issues of

The Andes Recorder  – 100 Years Ago

 Week In and About ANDES

Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street

With commentary by Jim Andrews


…With good weather it is stated that the state road will be completed from the upper bridge on Delaware avenue [Jim Andrews: Next to the swimming pool] thru the village as far as T. S. Miller’s [site of the now demolished George Sanford house] on upper Main street by Saturday. The grading is done on the road except a short piece just at the outskirts of the village, and the steam shovel is taking out the bank below the old stone quarry. [JA: I believe this to be the curve just outside the village limits towards Delhi across from the Burton home—the outcropping of rock is visible at the road’s edge.]


The state road men would be justified in smashing numerous conveyances that get on the road when the road is being finished. Some drivers will deliberately drive on when there is a good road at the side, and are mad if told to get off. [Ed.: The editor certainly doesn’t mince his words, and they are fighting words. Wouldn’t happen today.]  [JA: “Print” Miller was known for his unsolicited and often caustic editorial comments.  His opinions show up frequently in the Andes items.]


The departure of the morning train was delayed nearly three hours Monday by the engine starting and running the tender off the tracks at the turntable. [Ed.: If you walk the Andes Rail Trail you will find the turntable area cleared and marked—even a bench to sit down on!] [JA: It’s just before the trail curves to the left and continues on down the valley.]


Andes Socialists have nominated the following ticket: John H. Russell, supervisor; Wm. A. Coulter, town clerk; H. J Miller, justice of the peace…Thos. Hitt and Geo. M. Atkin, overseers of the poor. [Ed.: In case you didn’t know that Andes once had a Socialist party


Robert Lewis and Harold Tuttle went duck hunting at Perch Lake on Friday and secured nine ducks. Mr. Lewis brought down four birds at one shot.


Monday morning, Dr. D. H. Mills and Dr. F. H. Marx, assisted by Dr. J. A. Gladstone, performed an operation upon William G. Robertson at his home at the head of Delaware avenue, for phlebitis or inflammation of the veins of the right leg [JA: varicose veins]. Cocaine was used for the operation.


Friday afternoon, Nick Calvi the shoemaker, and Walter Elliott had a little trouble and Calvi had the latter arrested for assault. Elliott plead guilty before Justice Gladstone and was fined $5. [JA: Nick Calvi was a small man—almost boyish—who had his shoe shop in one of the several small spaces in the old Town Hall (now the Tin Horn).] ~