The Way We Were – June 2013

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Culled by Judy Garrison 
From  June 1913 issues of  The Andes Recorder  – 

100 Years Ago – Week In and About ANDES

Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street


The morning of June 9, 1913 will pass into history as a record breaker for cold and damage to vegetation. In the entire history of the weather bureau, running back 43 years, there is no record of another June 9 as cold.…Everything that was uncovered that frost would harm was frozen and even some things that were covered were damaged. The late fruit blossoms that escaped earlier frosts were taken to a great extent by this. Potatoes and corn were cut down and in some places ice of considerable thickness formed. In Andes the mercury went down to 28 and the early gardener is re-planting.


Monday the tender of the engine on the D. & N. passenger train leaving Andes at 8 o’clock left the rails just before reaching the bridge at Scoville, above Downsville, and ran on the ties for 25 rail-lengths before the train was stopped. Every tie in the bridge, except two, was broken and the steel girders were bent. The engine on Conductor Sanford’s train went to the scene and the tender was soon replaced on the rails.


While in the barn last week hunting hen’s eggs, the nine-year-old dauter of John Pierce in Fall clove, slipped and fell to the floor, a distance of ten feet, striking on her head. Strange to relate the child escaped with nothing more than a few bruises.


Tuesday, Governor Sulzer sent to the senate the following nomination for trustees of the Delhi Agricultural School and they were referred to the finance committee:….The board cannot be classed as non-partisan. Nichols, Maynard and Williams are democrats, while Nichol and Sheffield are progressives. This leaves the republicans without a representative on the board.


The preparations for the unique re-union at Gettysburg are nearly complete. The great camp, to accommodate 40,000 veterans, will open June 29th for supper, and the last meal will be served on Sunday morning July 6th. Cots and blankets will be provided and also a mess-kit of plate, knife, fork, spoon and tin cup. Veterans only will be provided for in the tents, and women and civilian attendants will be excluded.