marywebBy Mary Tucker

One of the advantages of living in the Andes area is that there are so many interesting things to do and see.

While my son Allen from Georgia and his friend Krista were here at the beginning of May they took walks along Fall Clove Road and Turkey Hollow Road every day. On Friday, May 3rd, after going to have coffee and muffins with family in Bloomville, I suggested we go to the Delhi Education Center off Route 28, which I had been to previously and thought they would like. The entrance is between Delhi and Andes and is marked. We stopped for sandwiches to take with us. It was a warm day so we took a long rambling walk along the many trails by the river. I was thrilled when I came across a Jack-in-the-Pulpit in bloom. Beautiful! They liked the walk so much they went back the next day. Ellen (granddaughter) and Rob, Ben and Donovan were coming to visit, so I stayed home to wait for them. While they were here, on the next nice day, we walked to the brook behind my house. The kids played by the water watching salamanders, trying to get them moving by swishing weeds in the water. Ellen took Ben in to wade, Rob took Donovan; she caught a salamander, let each boy hold it in the palm of his hand for a very short time, and gently returned it to the water. Of course the kids were soaked, but they had so much fun and learned something. Then, there is always something going on at the Andes Public Library, at Andes Central School and just a few days ago the Memorial Day Parade and Chicken Barbeque at  the Presbyterian Church. Go Andes! ~