By Buffy Calvert

January 27,

Morning sun casts the shadow of the barn

across bright snow

Pulsating light inches westward.

February 15

Sorbet snow shrinks from green islands

Look! Snowdrops dance along the garden path;

Faith is the flower that blooms beneath the snow.

February 27

Sleet spews from a sullen, sulfur sky,

streaks windows, pings on shutters,

ices walks.

March 4

Flurries dance in air bringing delight

If they were dust motes or feathers—revulsion.

If shad blow—springtime pleasure

even when they litter the lake.

March 10

24 hours of snowfall, 2 days of sun,

sweater weather, sap-rising,

spirit-raising days!

March 12

A rinsing rain sluices snow from lawn,

leaves suds.

March 13

In the woodland pool

frog eggs

a gelatinous mass of promise.

March 15

Sparrow pairs vie

for space in the birdhouse