By Judy Garrison

Since forever, it seems, there’s been a Stewart’s in Delhi. When George Stewart recently passed away the community seemed to hope as one that somehow the dry goods/clothing store could continue in some fashion.

And in what a super fashion it has been reborn! Wow! is the only possible reaction when you walk into the newly re-opened, expansively transformed store. Stephanie Carter-Halberian, who owns and operates Steinway Books & Blue Bee Café across Main Street, has worked her magic again, buying the building and giving it fresh life with extensive restoration, new wallpaper, chandeliers and original ideas. The lowered ceiling has been removed revealing the tops of the ornamental columns. At the rear of the store, with windows now visible and bringing in light, customers will find the yard goods and notions section, always a Stewart’s staple. Soon yarns spun from the wool of local sheep will fill out this haven for sewers and knitters. The grand stairway to the second floor is now exposed (with new railing created to match) and a gorgeous second floor (a former ballroom) has become part of the store. While the first floor, in the manner of a 19th century department store/emporium, has children’s, women’s and men’s sections using the restored original fixtures and display cases, the upper story will be devoted to home décor items, some already in evidence.

Stephanie emphasizes that the store is a work in progress, as she is immersed in the ongoing process of choosing and acquiring new, eye-catching, quality goods. Whether you plan to buy a Woolrich shirt, as in days of old, a toy or an outfit for a grandchild, a stylish dress for yourself, or just want to witness the magnificent re-configured space and get familiar, do visit. They are open every day of the week, Monday-Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-3. ~