By Mary V. Tucker

Looking at the December 2012 calendar there are some questions I feel should be answered:

  1. Will there be snow for the holiday? Do we have a choice?

If I could order the amount of snow we get, it would be enough to cover the ground and my lawn, but not enough to make the roads slick or enough that the driveway needs shoveling.

  1. How glorious is a fire in the fireplace?

It is really cozy to sit before a fire in the fireplace. Unfortunately I don’t have a fireplace so will have to pass on that.

  1. Is there anything better than the aroma of baking cookies?

Definitely not! Coming in the house after a trip to town or just getting the mail and opening the door the cookie aroma is so strong that you would like to sit, have a cup of coffee and sample those cookies.

  1. Can you believe tomorrow (December 31, 2012, New Year’s Eve) is the last day of another year? No, no, and no! It seems as if 2012 went by in a flash. It’s New Year’s Eve again. Tuesday starts 2013 with our first holiday, New Year’s Day.

Wishing all our Gazette readers a healthy and happy 2013!!