THE WAY WE WERE – October 1912

The Way We Were

Culled by Judy Garrison

 From October 1912 issues of The Andes Recorder

100 Years Ago

 Week In and About ANDES


 Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street


 Mr. and Mrs. George Ballantine announce the marriage of their daughter Lillian to John Elbert Gladstone on Wednesday, October 2, in New York City. Immediately after the ceremony they went to their new home at East Orange, New Jersey. The groom was formerly of Bovina, and the bride has always resided in Andes.


The D. & N. has struck a deep bed of quicksand just above Arena, where they are putting in a steel bridge of 35 foot span. Over 100 piles were driven under the concrete abutments of the bridge.


The King system of gasoline lights will be installed in the Andes Methodist church.


The town board has leased the land on which the old slaughter house stood along the turnpike, just outside the corporation limits, and will erect a building 22×70 in which to store the tools and machinery owned by the town.


The Downsville paper took subterfuge last week on that beer question and had a so-called Andes business man do a little raving. It is not hard to figure out who that man is and he has been our avowed enemy for nearly a decade. As to his tirade it is unworthy of notice as we consider where it came from, and we decline to adopt any of his suggestions. We would suggest to “one of the editors” that he does not needlessly “expose” himself to the gaze of the passer-by, and if he desires to obtain the correct estimation in which he is held, he has only to ask the newspaper publishers.


While hunting Peter Kittle, living at Grants Mills above Arena had two toes shot off. He put a shell into his 38 calibre rifle and resting the muzzle on his foot set the hammar [sic]  at what is called half cocked, where it cannot be fired by pulling the trigger. However, in some way the gun was fired and the bullet took off two toes.


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