SENIORS ON THE GO – October 2012

By Mary Tucker

The September 20th meeting was held at the Andes Fire Hall. Several members had previous appointments and couldn’t attend; so we had just ten.

President Jane Berghammer thanked Maria and Gerald Norris for the use of their porch for a successful bake sale on Andes Community Day, August 11th.

Gerald and Maria Norris attended the Senior Council meeting in Walton where Kathleen Holmes was named Senior Citizen of the Year and Mabel Adams was named outstanding contributor of the year.

We were reminded that baked goods containing apples are needed for the Harvest Fest on September 22nd, and should be dropped off at the Senior Council booth on Main Street which will be in front of the county public health building. The booth will be open from 9 am to 4 pm.

Pictures of clubs for the Office of the Aging website need to be in by September 28th. A release should be signed by members in the picture giving permission for names to be printed under the picture.

Information on Vision: Jean Cubec AVRE 607-724-2428 schedules speakers to come to any club wanting information on vision.

The Senior Council Vehicle Emergency Repair and Replacement Fund balance was announced at this meeting.

The October Senior Council meeting will be on October 1st at the Delhi First Presbyterian Church on Clinton Street.

The next Andes Senior Club meeting will be at October 18th. Peg Barnes will make dessert. ~


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