By Mary V. Tucker

It was an interesting weekend starting on Saturday, September 8th, when I got up early to make four loaves of apple bread to take to an “end of the season barbeque” at neighbors Jack and Sue Robson’s home on Saturday afternoon and to the Andes Public Library Birthday Party on Sunday, September 9th . I went to Woody’s for coffee on Saturday, then Nora and I worked at the thrift shop until noon. Had some apples and cheese to tide me over until the barbeque started at 2 pm.

The weather seemed OK even though the forecast called for rain. My electric power was on when I left for Robson’s. Their power was off but they had prepared for outages and were hooked up to a generator, so they had lights. Came home from the party at 5 pm and found my lights were out. Others on Fall Clove had power since they are on another line–just from my place to the upper end of Fall Clove had no power. I got out a kerosene lamp to use for light. Men from Delaware County Electric Co. were driving up and down the road looking for the cause of the outage. The power surged on at 9 pm, flicked on and off several times, then came back on at 10 pm.

Sunday morning, I got up early and spent a half hour putting lamps away and getting a Coleman lantern ready for the next power outage. I went to the 11:30 am Mass at St. Ann’s, back home for lunch, then to Andes for the Library Birthday Party. I left the library at 5, came home and had just settled in to read and—the lights went off again. I had trouble getting the lantern lit so I walked up to my grandson, Dylan’s. He wasn’t there, but son Richard was. He came home with me, put fuel in the lantern and lit it. I read by this light until the power came back on at approximately 8:15 pm. Then watched a movie on TV and went to bed.

Weather settled down–no wind, no rain. Everything OK. ~



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