From Steve Berg

The Catskill Mountain Club began in 2004 with the 100th anniversary of the Catskill Park and has expanded its activities beyond the park’s “blue line” to reach six counties plus lower Albany County. A couple of years ago, the Andes Hikers, a group started by Jack McShane and a few others, was folded into the Catskill Mountain Club and today our board members include many of the core members of the Andes Hikers. Also, aside from Andes dwellers (Steve Berg, Jeff Ditchek, Ann Roberti–who was instrumental in developing the new Andes Rail Trail), and former resident, Amy Beveridge, our board includes representatives of the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference and the Finger Lakes Trail Conference which is allowing us to provide trail stewardship events. We’ve expanded our activities to now offer exciting events on newly opened New York City reservoirs and land. This year’s “Lark” reflects these and a number of other new events, such as the first “through” hike to be offered.

In its observance of the Park’s anniversary, “Lark” events also will feature paddles on the newly opened Pepacton Reservoir, hikes to the region’s Fire Towers, trail maintenance trips to improve trails, a discussion on the history of the Catskill Park, and a hike to a remnant of old growth forest.

Be sure to regularly check the Lark in the Park website: for the complete schedule of events and other important information on the activities this year.  ~


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